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Term 2 2017-18

Term 2 2017-18

Our learning this term

Growth Mindset in Year 4

This term, we have embraced “the learning dip” - we might not be able to do a learning activity YET but if we keep working hard we will improve. This attitude was particularly important in Science where at first we found it very tricky to make our circuits work. With practice and determination, everyone was able to make the clown’s eyes light up.



Having learnt all about electricity and inspired by Carter’s Steam Fair, we investigated different power sources for fairground rides. Making our own models also proved challenging but with “stickability” and a little help from our friends we succeeded.



Fairgrounds have also been a source of inspiration for our English work. We wrote a persuasive leaflet for a fairground. We loved telling spooky stories – especially one called “The Ghost Train”. We used this as a model for our writing. But first we went on a Ghost Walk around Reading to choose spooky settings. Several quiet corners felt more than a little haunted to us!



In Maths, we have applied our growth mindsets to learning times tables facts. Everyone has found ways to learn and work out some of the trickier multiples - 9 and the dreaded 7. Feeling like we could conquer the world, we went on to tackle time: analogue, digital, 12-hour and 24-hour - we can handle them all. We’ll be checking that Father Christmas sticks to his timetable!

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