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Term 2 2017-18

Term 2 2017-18

Our learning this term



We have been practising writing for effect this term, by looking at how to start a story through describing a character and a setting. We looked at using strong adjectives and how to end a story on a cliff hanger to create suspense. We had a visitor in the form of a dinosaur egg and spent some time interviewing a dinosaur expert – who knew Mrs Murphy was so knowledgeable about baby dinosaurs!

We used this information to create some non-chronological reports on the dinosaur we found, a Wagasaurus! We were shocked when the egg hatched at the end of term – look out for a baby dinosaur flying around Reading. We published our work in the form of leaflets which provided the rest of the school a fact file on this unknown creature.




This term, we have been continuing to understand place value and what each number means in a 3-digit number. We were then able to investigate different shapes and sets of lines to create our own set of directions and investigate the mystery of the escaped dinosaur. We chose a different set of lines to explore in more detail and created posters out of the ones we had chosen. Next term, we will be continuing to look at shape and will continue to practise our multiplication and division skills.



Guided Reading

This term we have been looking at different information texts regarding volcanoes and earthquakes and how to infer information from them. We have been detectives to look for clues on how to answer questions about the history of Pompeii – you might have heard us singing too!




This term has been one of our favourites! We have been looking at natural disasters, including volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, how they are formed and where they are located. We have been practising our earthquake drills and focused on the Ring of Fire – where most of the volcanoes are found. Did you know, this is also where most of the worst earthquakes are?





We had a fantastic time creating our own dinosaur fossils this term and learning about how they are made in real life. We searched for different types of rocks and looked at how they form. We especially enjoyed our visit from Jamie, a Palaeontologist, who shared real fossils with us and also discovered a dinosaur in our shared area!











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