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Term 2 2017-18

Term 2 2017-18

Our learning this term

This term in topic we are looking at Victorians . First we had an experiencology day where we went back in time and experienced what school was like for Victorian children, life as a trainee nurse working with Florence Nightingale and looking at Victorian artefacts. We also experienced what life was like for poor, working Victorian children. We experienced the horrible jobs and little pay they would receive working in dangerous factories, cramped chimney sweeps and dirty coal mines. We then thought about the significance of Queen Victoria’s reign and how it has made such an important impact on the well-being and education for children.






In English we have been looking at writing instructions. During this unit we got the opportunity to do some cross curricular writing on how to make a Victorian sponge cake and they tasted delicious! Here we worked on our use of command sentences, imperative verbs and adverbs.




We are continuing to practise reading and spelling our common exception words and we are doing a fantastic job, We are now starting to look at writing a character description using inspiration from the story “The Queen’s Knickers” by Nicholas Allan. This will look at continuing to develop on our describing skills. 



This term in Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape. We have been looking at real 2D and 3D shapes and describing, identifying and comparing the properties. We used a variety of ways to find symmetry within 2D shapes. We are now looking at fractions. So far we have investigated finding fractions in shapes, amounts and we’re going to be looking at fractions of lengths.



In our guided reading sessions we have been looking at the text Oliver Twist, focusing on the skill of inference with how a character might be feeling and why. We’ve also looked at a non-fiction text about Florence Nightingale looking at the skill of retrieval and finding key details within a text.

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