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Term 1 2017-18

Term 1 2017-18

Our learning this term



We have been working really hard to write our own stories following the Greek Myth template. We wrote about Hercules encountering different monsters and different gods and being rewarded with immortality. We designed our own gods to help with our stories, along with our own monsters and heroes. We had the chance to re-draft them to make them even better and to make sure that they made sense. Finally, we published them on special paper which will be made into a book for you to read.



This term, we have been working very hard to understand place value and what each number means in a 3 digit number. We have just begun to add and subtract units and tens from 2 and 3 digit numbers using a variety of equipment to help us. We had the opportunity to practise our maths skills in topic when we ordered dates on a Greek timeline.


Guided Reading

This term we have been reading Greek myths and we were able to create our mythical creatures on Top Trump cards. We are hoping to play these on the last day of term and enjoyed describing those using strong adjectives and rating their strength and speed. Some of our monsters are kind, and others are cruel.




This term, we spent a long time planning, designing and making our Greek vases. To do this, we had to learn printing and marbling skills and also showed different Olympic poses on our vases, We enjoyed learning about where the Olympics started and what has changed between then and now. We are looking forward to our Greek day at the end of term, where we will wear the Greek head wreaths that we made on the first day of term.



We have enjoyed making our own stained glass windows in Science while learning all about different types of materials. We learnt that translucent materials protect our eyes and opaque objects create shadows. We also made out own shadows by turning the classroom completely dark and using touches. We discussed how shadows change size.


St Giles Church

We were lucky enough to visit St Giles’ church this term to celebrate the Harvest festival. Thank you for all your donations for the food bank, we enjoyed sharing them with the church and making miniature versions of ourselves for display.






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