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Term 1 2017-18

Term 1 2017-18


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Our learning this term


In English this term, we have been writing some amazing fairy tales. We have been developing our character description and settings by using noun phrases, fronted adverbials and multi clauses sentences. We have based our fairy tales on the famous story of Hansel and Gretel and have edited it to excite our readers. We have had a big push on using pronouns to avoid too much use of characters names in our story.


We have learned a lot in Maths so far this year and continue to develop. We have had a chance to improve our mental maths and look at strategies to help us speed up these processes. We have also learned to use the commutative law and distributive law; it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Also, we have been out measuring all parts of the school to be able to convert measurements into different units. Finally, we have been collecting, analysing and presenting continuous and discreet data.



Our topic this term is ‘The Great Outdoors’. We have been looking at numerous different land artists and evaluating their work. We have designed mini sculptures out of clay that would be suitable for going in Windsor Castle’s garden. Finally, we had a chance to make our own version of land art on the grass area of our playground.



We have really enjoyed this terms P.E. as we have been learning tennis with an amazing Tennis coach. We are beginning to get good at controlling the ball and rallies.


We have had an opportunity to use the internet and research about different artists and different animals for both topic and science respectively.


In Science we are learning about animal diets, food chains and food webs. We have looked at how to create a food web and chain and we have looked at the effect on a food web when certain animals increase or decrease in population.

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