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Olive Class Update Term 5 2016/17

Olive Class Update

Term 5 2016/17



Olive Class have thoroughly enjoyed their recent topic learning about different jobs. We looked at the different jobs around school and visited the caretakers and the school kitchen. It was very exciting seeing how the school dinners are made. We particularly liked seeing the big machines that were used for mashing potatoes and chopping the cucumber at super speed! We also learnt that every Friday the cooks have to make 1200 fish fingers!!

We have also had lots of exciting visitors coming into school. The Police visited in their Police car and the children all loved learning about the features of a police car. They particularly enjoyed putting the siren on! The Police Officers told the children all about their jobs and answered the childrens’ questions.




We also had a visit from the local Fire-fighters and their fire engine! The children absolutely loved exploring the fire engine and looking at the various fire fighting equipment. They learnt all about being a fire-fighter and how many years it takes to train! We didn’t realise that you need to be very good at Maths to be a fire-fighter!





The children have been very lucky in Olive class because in addition to the various visitors, we also went on a trip the train station. We went on a train to Bramley and were allowed to look inside the cab of the train to see where the driver operates the train. At Bramley, we had a drink and a cake at a café and then went back on the train to Reading. Back at Reading station we were taken to the control room. It was very interesting to see how all the trains are organised and managed as they come in and out of the station.





What an exciting term! I wonder what Olive Class teachers have in store for Term 6!



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