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Federation Consultation


Katesgrove Primary and Southcote Primary Schools have been working collaboratively since September 2016 with Lisa Telling as the Executive Headteacher. Over the past two years we have seen the advantages for the children at the schools through developments in staff recruitment and retention.


This month the Governing Boards at both schools have decided to consult with parents, carers, staff and the Local Authority about a proposal to make this partnership a permanent feature and create the Federation of Katesgrove Primary School and Southcote Primary School.


Along with this note you will have a copy of the formal consultation document which explains the proposal in more detail and lets you know how to find out more and how to respond to the consultation.

20th July 2017 - Update on the outcome:


Thank you to all of you who took the time to feed in to the consultation; Governors were extremely grateful to you for your responses and reviewed them carefully.


The Governing Boards of Katesgrove Primary School and Southcote Primary School met on 18 July 2017 to consider responses to the consultation about the proposed federation of the schools from you, the staff at both schools, and other interested parties. The majority of responses were positive and in favour of the proposal for the two schools to form a federation.


The two Governing Boards met separately have agreed to proceed with the proposed federation as published from 1 January 2018. However, we have considered the concerns reported to us during the consultation and whilst they did not change our decision, they remain important for our work when setting up the new federated Governing Board.


Both Governing Boards are excited about the opportunities that will now be available to improve the education of children at both schools, and will spend the Autumn Term planning together for what will be a formal continuation of our already successful collaboration.


We would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer break and wish the Year 6 pupils the best of luck in their secondary schools in September.

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