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Digital Leaders at Katesgrove






Continuing on from the success of Digital Leaders last year, we have decided this year to form 

two groups of Digital Leaders, one for KS1 and one for KS2



We meet weekly and are learning to help out other children in our class by:

  • Getting out and putting away Fizzbooks / Tablets
  • Charging Fizzbooks / Tablets
  • Logging on and shutting down Fizzbooks / Tablets
  • Creating favourites for internet pages
  • Creating personalised home screens on the Tablets
  • Taking photos on a camera, saving photos onto a computer and then printing them
  • Sharing fun websites and online activities
  • Practising skills from the curriculum to be an 'expert' in our lessons
  • Learning how to use the visualisers to show work in lessons





What do we love?

We asked the Digital Leaders what they loved about their role, and technology in particular.

Do you agree? What do you love and hate when using the computer?



I love to play on the tablets - they are easier to use than normal laptops and have cool features. I like to play Minecraft and other games but I am so pleased to be a Digital Leader as I can help others to have fun!



I like to play games on my laptop and on the school tablets. I am really excited about being a Digital Leader as I really like helping others when they are stuck!



My favourite thing to do on the computer is to use Youtube to watch walk-throughs to help me when I play games and to watch Sonic Boom. I love being able to help others and think I am very good at using computers!



I like using computers and helping others. Sometimes I find things hard but I like finding out how to do them!



I like playing the maths games because it helps me with my timetables. Also, I like Youtube because you can catch up on programmes that you miss.



I like playing games on the school website because they are interesting. My favourite game is the Wolf Sheep and Cabbage game because it confuses you. I also like reading on the tablets. I like being a Digital Leader because I like helping others when they don't know what to do.



I like using computers to help me with my homework - using Word and the internet. We are really lucky to have them at school to help us. Being a Digital Leader makes me feel responsible



My favourite game to play is Woodland as you can practise your timetables and I love Ghostbusters too! We have lots of educational games we can play to help us at school



I love playing Temple Run and Fruit Ninja, as I like playing with my friends



All I talk about at home is being a Digital Leader - it is the best thing that ever happened to me in primary school!

activemark 2008 award healthy schools award